Saturday, October 3, 2009

More from SLJ Summit

Still following on twitter, but must get Iris, my Corgi, out for walk # 2 very soon.  Diane Chen  suggests that we teach outside the media center at least once a week.  I always tried to get out of the library space & into teachers' classes as often as I could - students & teachers see you as a more authentic teacher that way.  How, though does one do this w/out an aide?  I was lukcy to have at least a part-time aide to keep the lmc open while I taught elswhere! What did I teach in classrooms?  I did lessons on genres, dressed a genre "characters," for example as a detective for mystery genre.  I brought in a group of mysteries to booktalk & then invited the class down to check out the genre I spoke about in class.  This was a hit w/5th grade teachers especially!  I delivered power points on a variety of topics in 6th grade Social Studies classes.  I introduced NoodleBib as a mini lesson before students came to do research. 
Getting entre to teacher classrooms gave me clues as to what was being taught, how teachers displayed student work, the class climate - all good to know when working/planning with teachers!

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