Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Blogger Friend

Just found friend & OELMA leader, Liz Deskins on blogger last night! I was excited to see somone I actually knew who is on the learning curve, also. She just began blogging & her last post was about using Wordle w/K-5 students. Nice title for blog, Wandering & Wondering in Libraryland! Liz seems to have mastered a more pleasing design w/her blog- we will have to talk. I commented on her blog & am awaiting my first comments!
I am discussing Worlde as well as Glogster, delicious, twitter and RSS feeds in my preso for OELMA along with Louise Teaman in late October, so it's great to see how others are using Web 2.0 tools in practice! 

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Where I Am Today

Today I wonder if there is enough time to learn, to do everything I want. I am impatient with myself and want to master this blogging thing immediately. Guess it's one thing @ a time! Am now looking @ the blogs I follow & am wondering, how did they do that? I am looking @ the style, the layout- things I never paid attention to before I began to take this blog seriously. Yes, I know there are tutorials on Youtube & I have looked @ a few, but to even change or add to my header, I have to mess w/html. I must be patient w/myself, here!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Good Reads

Let's see if this works!

Kathy's book montage

More Than a Dream: How One School's Vision Is Changing the World
The Hunger Games
On The Jellicoe Road
Clapton: The Autobiography
Paper Towns
The Graveyard Book
Knucklehead: Tall Tales and Almost True Stories of Growing up Scieszka
An Abundance of Katherines
Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World

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My Learning Curve

I have not been on this blog for quite some time.  Why?  Summer happened as well as my informal exploration of Web 2.0 tools.  I was admittedly pushed by my online Kent State class- YA lit. I thought I  really had to tweet when it was just a simulation, so, I ended up on Twitter!  I must admit I mostly lurk on my twitter & probably need to be more responsible & not just take from my online community!  But reading twitter posts helped me to populate my delicious page and @ the same time I began to do RSS because my hubby is having a "beef" w/our local newspaper.  I found RSS to be quite easy & now I have all sorts of blogs I read.  Next I have to figure out the easy way to get all these blogs on my blog roll.  I mostly read library/ed. reform blogs.  One person leads to another for me & I have begun to recognize names I know are important via their passion/content.  I am learning so much & the ironic part is now that I am retired, I have no one to teach!  But I will share what I know @ OELMA's annual conference & I share bits & pieces w/school teacher friends that I keep in contact w/on a regular basis.