Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'll fight you for the library

So true!  Found this via Audioblogger Mary Burkey, Olentangy lms.  Why does the library have to be the multipurpose room? Why don't otherwise civilized folk  pick up their messes after meetings in the library?  Another good question.  I found that once I entered the actual school library world that I could have also applied for "Two Men & a Truck."  People were always asking to "book" the library for non-related academic meetings!  We moved tables, desks, chairs constantly for some of these events! One year we called ourselves, "Parties R Us!"
The corollary is the age old question, "Why is the library closed?"  No the library is not closed, there are 2 classses in here & no aide!  New librarians, never say, "The library is closed."

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