Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Future Is Now

GREAT VIDEO - seems that I am into finding them these days- last few posts, at least.  I love this one & found it via twitter after I added all the folks who I believe created edchat!  What is frustrating to me right now is that I am retied & am not sure how to affect the ed world anymore!  I have learned more about great new tools since I've been playing around on twitter & I have no chance to use them now.  Yes, I am still involved in library professional organizations, but I want to work w/the students & teachers to share what I've learned!  What to do?  Why does it have to take a doctorate to be considered a player?  I have lots to share w/educators right now!  I want a job in education again, but what I want to do is be an educational coach of some sort. Helping others to take the 2.0 leap!  Well, here's the video!

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