Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mars Attacks- Success and Happiness

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You may remember the movie Mars Attacks, it's a send-up on those cheesy B sci-fi movies. Well it has not been mars attacking my laptop, but sneaky trojans.  Who knows where they came from, but they've been invading since before Christmas!  Our good friend Trevor, church member, funny guy & IT man extraordinaire, installed a great malware program, MalwareBytes, along w/ AVG and we thought we were protected...  NOT!  We uninstalled Internet Explorer, began using Mozilla Firefox, but then a new "update" presented itself.  It was a trojan & I did not have my Big Green Meanie, aka laptop, to take to my first grad class.  Boo!  Today, I fixed the laptop myself- it only took a full scan of the C & D drives, but 1 hour, 26 minutes later, I was free from attacks!  I celebrated by scanning my RSS feeds and found Angela Maiers blog tip about using Zemanta.  I am trying it out now!  I am happy I fixed the glitch myself! 
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  1. Some days technology is such a challenge. You go girl!