Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Literaices -What It Means

I read, when I have time, Stephen Downe's OL Weekly & came across this today in explantation of new literacies - much beyond the 2 R's - reading & writing. Here's what Stephen had to say:
by Stephen Downes
November 13, 2009

Speaking in Lolcats: What Literacy Means in teh Digital Era
The internet has introduced us to a world in which we can communicate with each other in a wide variety of media. Where formally we could only talk and sing to each other, now we can create videos, author animations, link to videos and images and cartoons, and more, mix and match these in a complex open-ended vocabulary. What it means to be literate in such an information age is fundamentally distinct from the literacy of the 3Rs, and teaching new literacy an evolving challenge for those of us still struggling to learn it. This talk looks at the elements of 21st century literacies, redefines critical thinking for the internet age, and suggests a redefinition of what we think of as 'core' curriculum.
Presentation by Stephen Downes, Educational Computing Organization of Ontario, Richmond Hill, Ontario

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