Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Learning Curve

I have not been on this blog for quite some time.  Why?  Summer happened as well as my informal exploration of Web 2.0 tools.  I was admittedly pushed by my online Kent State class- YA lit. I thought I  really had to tweet when it was just a simulation, so, I ended up on Twitter!  I must admit I mostly lurk on my twitter & probably need to be more responsible & not just take from my online community!  But reading twitter posts helped me to populate my delicious page and @ the same time I began to do RSS because my hubby is having a "beef" w/our local newspaper.  I found RSS to be quite easy & now I have all sorts of blogs I read.  Next I have to figure out the easy way to get all these blogs on my blog roll.  I mostly read library/ed. reform blogs.  One person leads to another for me & I have begun to recognize names I know are important via their passion/content.  I am learning so much & the ironic part is now that I am retired, I have no one to teach!  But I will share what I know @ OELMA's annual conference & I share bits & pieces w/school teacher friends that I keep in contact w/on a regular basis.

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